Gas Price Drop Decimates Alternative Fuel Vehicle Interest, Ford Aluminum F150 Pickup Business Model; “Fill ‘er up!”

President Obama

As the US takes the lead in oil production, and OPEC potentates panic, massive production portends to drive down fuel prices right to the pump. As these prices decline, the economic rationale for acquiring alternative fuel vehicles, and the premium…

Systems Prevent Overheating Of Occupants As Child Vehicular Heat-stroke Deaths Climb

A method of sensing the presence of a vehicle occupant and taking remedial action, comprising:operating a presence senor for detecting the presence of an occupant inside the vehicle so as to form presence information;comparing the presence information to predetermined criteria to determine the presence of an occupant inside the vehicle…

“Total Recall” Mania Envelops Auto Manufactuers, Dealers, Making Lemondade From Lemons


Franchsied auto dealers plan to sell additional preventative maintenance service to the consumer/fleet customers while their vehicles are in the service bay. They’re also training their service writers and directors to be sensative to service-to-sales opportunties that would replace vehicles in for recalls. Making lemonade from lemons never tasted so good.

Chat Solution Providers Scramble To Ensure ROI, “Engage To Sell” Claims It’s Raised The Bar


Engage To Sell, LLC Eastern Regional Sales Director, Clarence Ulysess Romero, he remarked how “…90% of (an auto dealer’s) website visitors leave (their) website without any engagement. Would that be acceptable if they came to your showroom?…”