“Top Automotive Investments Of The Year” Announced; Boulder EV, Arcimoto All-electric EV’s Top List

Czar Nicholas II

Car Czar Consulting announces its “Top Automotive Investment Opportunities Of The Year – 2011.” Electric Vehicle entries Class 3 Boulder Electric Vehicle and Class 1 Arcimoto tied for 1st Place honors.

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1. (a)  Boulder Electric Vehicle (tie) http://boulderev.com/

Class 3 electric-only truck built in Colorado. Range 120 miles. Built-in level 2 recharger only requires access to 220 line/8 hours for full recharge. Boulder Electric Vehicle is taking orders now for delivery.

BOULDER ELECTRIC VEHICLE trucks and vans are the perfect vehicles for local transports and delivery. BOULDER ELECTRIC VEHICLE trucks and vans fit the standards for FedEx, UPS and much of the delivery industry. Other options such as 15 passenger shuttles, school buses or flat bed service trucks are under development. They can modify the upper body of the vehicle for your needs, with build outs such as service sides or parks & rec side dumps. They can provide that level of customization and customer service because the vehicles are made right here in Colorado (US) at their 60,000 sq foot plant.

1. (b) Arcimoto (tie) http://www.arcimoto.com/

Arcimoto expects to begin limited production in 2011 and carry a list price of $17,500 for the base vehicles. The 80-160 miles range lithium pack is an option.

Arcimoto has been seed funded through the development of the platform prototype by its founder and local angel investors. Arcimoto is currently raising funds to complete its first fleet of vehicle products and bring those vehicles into their inaugural target market(s). If you’re an accredited investor whose portfolio strategy includes doing well by saving the planet, this one may be for you.

Arcimoto is an Oregon-based limited liability company.


1. QuickAirLink www.qairl.com

San Jose, CA based QuickAirLink’s 2-Click Nonstop Flight Booking from says it all.

Google became wildly successful when they improved TEXT search in 2 ways:  they made search faster with more relevant results.   QuickAirLink has applied the same lesson to online FLIGHT search;  we’ve made it faster with more relevant results.   We have developed a patent pending method of VISUAL FLIGHT SEARCH that offers the benefits of: 1-Click Nonstop Flight Search, and 2-Click Airline Booking, plus much more.  Because QAL is a visual experience it’s hard to describe in words but easy to understand when you see our 2-minute demo.  Are you ready to see the future of online flight search that begins right NOW?!

2. XFC Xtreme Fighting Championships

Tampa, Florida based XFC has signed a contract for three fight cards to take place in China in 2011.

Great entertainment from the leading independent promoters of mixed martial arts events in the Southeast continues to explode in 2011! Mixed Martial Arts XFC stages some of the largest live shows in the sport this side of the UFC—with determined fighters, exuberant fans and action-packed events! The XFC is tireless in its efforts to bring awareness and interest in the brand while launching the careers of Mixed Martial Arts superstars of tomorrow! Get ready for the RUMBLE!