Dealermine Helps New Car Dealers Weather Parts Shortage “Tsunami;” Supply Issues Force Ford to close F-Series Plant

Czar Nicholas II

Car Czar Consulting says: The Great Parts Shortage is happening now. One company, Dealermine Corporation,, Mark De Lucia, CEO,, is helping Toyota dealers and others through this problem.


We received the following offer to review available parts dated 4.2.11 –

Dear Parts Manager,

We all love to get a deal, especially when there’s high demand for the item.  Can any one say Walmart here?

Attached is a list of faster moving Toyota parts available varying discounts(cost or less).

I hate to sound opportunistic regarding the tragedy in Japan but the facts are the facts and, at least in the short to medium term, (as you’ve been seeing plastered  all over the news), Japanese brand Parts availability……will be adversely affected.  I feel its much more about being prudent than it is opportunistic.

So what am I saying….??  You guessed it….STOCK UP NOW!!!  Not only to protect your dealership, your customers, and YOUR best interest, but ALSO to create

A potential situation where dealers may be coming to you when they run out of parts……

Anyways, look at the enclosed list and let me know how many, if any, parts you want to purchase by entering your desired purchase quantity in the in the ‘order quantity’ column.

Do not hesitate to call or email me with any questions….


Mark De Lucia
Obsolescence Reduction Services
DealerMine Corporation
(888) BUYPARTS(289-7278) office – toll free

(503) 594-1500 office
(503) 342-2414 direct
(800) 503-4870 Fax
(503) 936-9908 cell

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