Dataium’s Cloud Intelligence, other disruptive auto space solutions come to Las Vegas

Czar Nicholas II

This week CarCzarConsulting – – will be reporting from multiple automotive venues in Las Vegas.

We’re particularly interested in viewing Eric Brown, CEO and co-founder of Dataium’s discussion relative to how Cloud Computing affects your business (previewed below): at  at DigialDealer

Cloud Intelligence: How it will Change the Way you do Business over the Next Five Years

Advanced Cloud Intelligence data solutions provide the auto industry unprecedented visibility and opportunity to revolutionize the way cars are designed, manufactured, marketed and sold worldwide.

Moderator: Eric Brown
Panel: Bob Murray, director of operational marketing, Asbury Automotive Group
Chris Fousek, e-commerce director, Village Automotive Group
Andrew Price, vice President, Sales & Client Services, Automotive Retail & Media Solutions, Polk
Caroyln Crafts, vice president, Marketing,

With today’s high-speed processors, big data solutions, and Internet bandwidth, collecting, aggregating, and analyzing auto shopper behavior is now possible on a scale and speed never before possible.

With this new capability unprecedented visibility and knowledge of what drives, motivates, and how consumer by autos is now available to the modern automotive manufacturer and dealer. Now every click and keystroke can be analyzed to reveal best practices for Search Engine Optimization, social media, response management, sales forecasting, and inventory management.

The days of turn and earn, public incentives, and misaligned marketing and advertising are numbered…learn why Cloud Intelligence will change the way you do business and revolutionize ops, sales, marketing, and advertising in the auto industry.

What action items will attendees take back to the dealerships?

1. How to identify “dead leads” which are still actively shopping for a new car
2. How new technical advances change current industry paradigms
3. How to use auto shopper behavior to engage and motivate auto shoppers to reengage
4. How to use advanced analytics to close more sales

Eric Brown is CEO and co-founder of Dataium. Dataium provides advanced analytics and visitor recognition technology to the auto industry. Currently the company serves four of the top 10 OEMs, automotive portals and research companies along with numerous dealership groups, across the United States and Canada. Brown is a Fox Business Network contributor and author for various publications. He once appeared on NBC hit show, ER. He is a graduate of Missouri Southern State University with additional studies at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA and eCommerce Strategies, Columbia University, New York, NY.

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